Water Treatment & Distribution

Designing a feasible, cost-effective means of delivering quality water to end users is a critical part of developing a public water supply. MCE has designed potable water treatment and storage facilities to serve the water needs of communities large and small. We have designed facilities using a variety of filters and disinfection processes to meet the community’s finished water needs. At the beginning of every project, MCE evaluates current and future needs by completing advanced hydraulic studies to determine anticipated demands. Considerations include population projections, topography of the pipe route, pump station necessity, number of end users (both current and future), as well as the budget/funding available to construct the project.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Proper wastewater collection and treatment is vital to maintaining healthy communities. Wastewater collection systems, networks of pipes, pump stations, and other associated equipment, convey sewage from its point of origin to a point of treatment and disposal. Wastewater collection systems transport sanitary and industrial wastewater, and infiltration/inflow. MCE is committed to improving and designing wastewater collection and treatment systems that meet standards established by state and federal regulatory agencies and improve water quality.

Our firm has been involved in every stage of wastewater facility design, operation, and maintenance. We are routinely asked to assess the performance of wastewater treatment plants in regards to their operating permits. We present solutions considering both short and long term needs and expectations, as well as the economical values. We endeavor to provide feasible solutions and are willing to take on all necessary work to help you operate your plant in the most effective and efficient manor.