MCE maintains a complete geotechnical engineering division to provide support for projects requiring subsurface design considerations. Our geotechnical engineers provide interpretations of geological and geotechnical data to perform stability analysis, foundation design, dam design and pavement design.

Our field drilling team utilizes a CME-45B Drilling Platform mounted on a one-ton four-wheel-drive truck. This setup allows our staff greater mobility in restricted areas than larger drill units. Applications include foundations, soil or rock sounding, monitoring wells and soil sampling.


MCE provides geotechnical services for a variety of clients including architects, project owners, construction companies and other civil engineering firms, as well as for our in-house staff of Professional Engineers.

Geotechnical Depth Capacities

  • Auger Drilling (Conventional or Hollow)

  • Core and Rotary Drilling


  • Rock Coring

  • Standard Penetration Tests (Split-Spoon)

  • Shelby Tubes