Behind every successful project design team is an experienced, professional survey crew. MCE takes pride in deployment of its survey teams because we know the field data is obtained with the highest degree of accuracy. MCE employs four registered Professional Land Surveyors who use electronically gathered data to prepare computer-generated maps, plans, and survey plans in a manner that exceeds the standards set by the Land Survey Division of the Arkansas Geological Commission. All surveys produced by MCE are performed under the supervision of registered Professional Land Surveyors.

Some of the types of surveys we provide are:

  • Topographic

  • Property Boundary

  • Easement

  • Hydro-graphic

  • As-Built

  • Construction Control & Staking

  • Geodetic

  • GIS & GPS

  • Airport Obstruction

Our computerized surveying, calculating, and drafting systems are state-of-the-art technology. In most cases these programs are compatible with, or translatable to, our clients’ computer systems.