TAC AIR (previously Supermarine)

TAC AIR (previously Supermarine)

MCE was responsible for the planning, topographic & boundary surveys, site design, air and landside design for 19.4 acres of development, 3 major hangars (110,000 s.f), parking areas (landside), and concrete pavement (airside).

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

MCE provided construction observation and quality assurance materials testing, as well as structural inspection services for the XNA Concourse addition.

Malvern Municipal Airport

Malvern Municipal Airport

For this project, we designed and oversaw construction of an asphalt partial parallel taxiway that crossed over a 15 foot drainage ditch.

Dumas Municipal Airport

Dumas Municipal Airport

For this project, our team repaired existing cracks and joints on the apron through cold milling and asphalt overlay.

Pocahontas Regional Airport

Pocahontas Regional Airport

For this runway & taxiway rehabilitation, our Aviation Department repaired and sealed existing cracks as well as applied an asphalt surface treatment.

MCE’s aviation department provides airport engineering services to over 20 individual airport clients including both general aviation airports and commercial service airports. Because we have worked with a large number of airports, MCE has had the opportunity to work with a variety of airport types and sizes from some of the largest airports in the region – Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport and Texarkana Airport – to some of the smallest general aviation airports which operate with only a few aircraft. We’re proud of this breadth of experience and we appreciate the vital roles general aviation airports serve in transportation networks.

The MCE airport services team is well-versed in Federal Aviation Administration regulations and State Department of Aeronautics requirements, and we are fully aware of changing legislation, as well as planning and design requirements. Moreover, we’re educated in the ways that these changes will affect our clients and their projects, both ongoing and future. 

Services we provide: 

Planning & Environmental

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Airport Master Plans

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Land Acquisition

  • Airport Layout Planning

  • Obstruction Studies

Funding Services

  • CIP Reports

  • Grant Administration

  • Alternate Funding Sources

  • Funding Presentations & Applications

  • DBE Plan Preparation & Reporting

Design Services

  • Pavement Design/Evaluation

  • Field Surveys

  • Airside

  • Landside

  • Airfield Lighting

  • Construction Safety Plans

  • Geotechnical Investigation

Services During Construction

  • Bidding Administration/Assistance

  • Full-Time Construction Observation

  • Construction Materials Testing